Sarjapur Road to take luxurious residential spaces to a whole new level

Property investment options are pivotal in impacting customer purchase decisions. In order to safeguard our future, it is necessary that we prepare in advance so we don’t end up leading a risky lifestyle. Prestige Smart City by Prestige properties is a residential project which is precisely located at Sarjapur Road in Bangalore. The property offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments alongside independent villas and plotted development spread across 180 acres. Prior to the introduction of RERA and GST, the Indian property market hit a down low as developers weren’t adhering to time deadlines for project delivery and residents weren’t given realistic expectations which isn’t good for the industry. However, after these rules were formulated, property developers were forced to formulate strategies to release their excess inventory because the demand for affordable housing has significantly increased. In order to use a customer centric approach, customers are called to the location to experience the amenities, floor plans and take a whole tour of the property to arrive at concrete investment decisions. Sarjapur Road, on the other hand is close to renowned parts of the city like Ittangur, Sarjapur Road which provide services with respect to every sector. With schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity, residents are often sure provide the simplest for his or her children with regard to education and healthcare. There are IT tech parks not far from the project that house close to 20% of Bangalore’s IT population. This gives great investment options for young IT professional to take a position early in their lives and potential customers can locate profitable tenants if they plan on renting out the property. Rest assured, residents who are on the verge of partnering with Prestige Smart City are sure to travel through life with effortless ease and comfort.

Architectural designs- How do they contribute to project credibility?

There are many aspects that should be considered by residents if they need to arrive at profitable investment decisions. Neglecting certain factors simply because they don’t impact majorly is that the wrong thanks to go. That is the rationale it's important that investors consult land advisers before they reach the location to see out the features provided. With reference to architectural designs, customers consider the exteriors to be as important because the interior design. Prestige Smart City has worked with renowned architects and engineers who have tirelessly worked and created designs to specifically cater to individual residential expectations. RCC framed structure on all the walls promotes a sustainable and sturdy lifestyle. Vitrified tiles are laid call at the foyer, living and every one other bedrooms so customers needn’t worry about periodic maintenance which may quite tedious. 24/7 security services are given manned security personnel stationed at the entry and exits alongside CCTV coverage. Also, 100% power and electric backup is provided in most of the common areas and all elevators which is essential. A multi-level basement parking with entry and exit ramps makes it easier for residents to enter and exit the premises.

Social Infrastructure leads to effective connectivity and proximity

With the increase in urban population, the demand for affordable design structures has increased significantly. Presence of reputed institutions on the brink of the project increases land appreciation rates which may be a sign to take a position early to form the foremost of the changing property market trends. As far as educational educations are concerned, College and Bangalore Medical College are not more than 10 minutes from Prestige Smart City which is a great option for residents who are looking for educational services for their children. With the closest Bangalore Metro Station at Sarjapur Road, residents can be rest assured to travel around the city with effortless ease and convenience.

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