Rajasthani Style Modern Interior Design and Decor Ideas for Your Home

Give your home timeless appeal with interiors and decor elements inspired by the heritage of lovely Rajasthan!

Rajasthan is understood for its fascinating folklore and rich cultures. Rajasthan has gifted the planet uniqueness of its own, especially within the field of home interiors! Age-old homes of Rajasthan are a pleasure to measure in. These are like the havelis of the royal families.

All folks have dreamt of living a royal life, and you'll fulfil that dream by taking cues from Rajasthani homes. Today we bring you a lowdown on Rajasthani style interior design and decor ideas to assist you design a haveli of your home!

Low or Floor Seating Arrangement Inspired By Rajasthani Style of Interior Design

Rajput palaces are known for low or floor seating arrangements. This type of seating arrangement as a neighborhood of your home interiors will add a royal touch to your home. The maharajas and maharanis used floor seating while having meals and entertaining. To achieve an equivalent look, you'll add a coffee lying deewan, cushions, floor bedding with covers in intricate Rajasthani embroidery and patchworks to usher in a grand yet eye-pleasing look. Furthermore, you'll incorporate a low-hanging wooden swing with cushions, a wooden table with cushioned chairs upholstered in typical Rajasthani textiles. Colors like green, bright pink with muted reminder mustard and red will complete the design. This seating arrangement are often incorporated in your front room or at a nook in your bedroom.

Rajasthani Interiors Are All About Royal Colours

Each time you think that of Rajasthan, what's it that you simply imagine? Is it the endless stretches of sand, decked up camels and their riders in colourful turbans, grand palaces or mansions? If yes then you've got omitted on the foremost significant feature of Rajasthan – royal colours! If you've got visited its famous cities – Jodhpur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer – you'll skills colours are a fundamental a part of Rajasthani culture and lifestyle. A traditional Rajasthani home uses vibrant colours as a part of its interior design scheme with dashes of it in almost every tiny element. Shades of orange, red and pink are predominant hues used alongside greens and blues for a royal affair. You can design your home interiors with elements wrapped in colours we mentioned earlier and use them as wall paint colours, upholstered furniture pieces and home decor, to bring in a royal Rajasthani touch to your home.

Jaalis to Make Your Home Feel like A Haveli

Jaalis are intricately carved partitions or screens that provide partial views, ventilation and penetrate light that cast endless shadows during the daytime. Jaalis are typically made out of wood, fibreboards or stones like marbles counting on the taste, budget and therefore the room you plan to feature it to. A jaali will create an inside-outside connection and offer your home a typical Rajasthani look. We recommend you add it in your foyer area, between the kitchen and dining or puja room. Jaalis also are great if you would like a semi-private partition, skylights, windows and railings during a modern home.

Rajasthani Textiles for Your Home Interiors

Rajasthan may be a home to a huge sort of textiles involving popular ones like bandhej, block prints, leheriya, mirror and stonework. The easiest thanks to infuse a Rajasthani touch to your home interiors is by using these textiles as bedspreads, table mats, pillow covers, tabletop covers, or simple hand-knit or elaborate wall tapestries. You can also pair them with brightly coloured wall hangings and Jharokha pictures or paintings to make a cohesive look.

Rajasthan Inspired Home Decor

Rajasthani decor elements mirror the age-old tales and traditions of the state. From dancing puppets, handicrafts to antique decor pieces, these timeless decor ideas will enhance the sweetness of your uber-stylish home. You can use antique lanterns, drapes, upholstery in your front room, bedroom and therefore the foyer area. Traditional framed mirrors can enter your dressing area or maybe bathrooms. You can also dress up your space with traditional wall art, carpets, and handicrafts to bind the design to perfection!

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And it’s a wrap for today! We hope these Rajasthani style interior design and decor ideas bring home the heritage of Rajasthan! A state as rich in history, art and culture can only make a home look royal. So why wait? Bring in the tradition of our country’s rich heritage right into your home.

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