Popular trends in kitchen cabinets

We look at some factors that you simply should confine mind, while designing kitchen cabinets that aren't only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Cabinets occupy tons of space during a modern kitchen and their size, location, dimension and color scheme are essential to think about, while designing this space. Today, most kitchens have modular kitchen cabinets, either above or below the counter and are made from wood laminates, plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), poly-vinyl chloride sheets, melamine and stainless steel, etc.

The cost of kitchen cabinet design and installation, depends on the style, fixtures and materials used. Usually, a clique installation may range from Rs 400 to Rs 5,000 per square foot.

The design of the cabinet will impacts the layout, functionality, convenience and also the storage capacity in a kitchen. Here are the foremost popular clique styles that home owners can choose between when designing their kitchens.

Types of kitchen cabinets

Shaker-style kitchen cabinets: Shaker cabinets are classic and one among the foremost popular choices for kitchens. The style is characterised by its flat-panelled doors and rail frames. The five-piece doors combined with five-piece drawer fronts provides a finished look. Shaker cabinets blend well with traditional and even contemporary designs, with variations in wood, stains, paint colours and hardware. The cabinet hinges are concealed. These cabinets are often designed consistent with various budgets and have uncomplicated styling.

Concealed kitchen cabinets and hidden hardware: Concealed kitchen cabinets are popular as they create the kitchen look clutter free. In this design, the appliances (like the microwave and the oven) are concealed by making their exteriors match with the cabinet’s style. The cabinets conceal the fittings on the wall alongside the appliances. These panels blend in seamlessly with the whole kitchen and provides an uncluttered uniform look. Small appliances that are utilized in the countertop also can be concealed – for instance a pull-out cabinet are often used, prevent the juicer or toaster from being kept in the open. Cabinets with hidden hardware and hidden handles complement the minimalist and modern look.

Handle-less kitchen cabinets: Ornate and large cabinet handles are outdated. Technological progress in push-open and shut doors, has meant that one can dispense with handles in both, wall and base cabinets. So, cabinets now operate with a push-open/close doors, lift up systems, finger rail mechanisms or electric mechanisms, with the press of a button located inside the cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet drawers: Drawer cabinets make it easy to rearrange items. For example, kitchen drawers are often ideal for storing idli stands, kadhais, huge pans, etc. These cabinets are often divided diagonally or vertically to stay small utensils during a systematic manner. Depending on the necessity, one can enter for 3 or four drawers stacked during a base cabinet, or one drawer. Deep and wide drawers are often designed for giant vessels, or maybe hidden trash bins.

Base-kitchen cabinets: Base cabinets still remain a well-liked choice. It is built under the countertop of a kitchen as an organised space, with cutlery trays and dividers, separate utensils and cookware. These cabinets offer an outsized cargo area and are apt for giant vessels, flour containers or oil cans. Also appliances placed in base kitchen cabinets include microwaves and dishwashers. This design suits the elderly as they find it difficult to stretch or maybe climb a stool to succeed in wall cabinets.

Glass-front cabinets: Be it frosted glass or simple transparent glass, this sophisticated material makes the kitchen look uncluttered, spacious and bright. Glass-front cabinets are often wont to break up a run of solid-door cabinets, to display a set of fancy crockery or decorative objects. One can opt for see-through glass, frosted glass, back painted or digital printed glass to add visual interest to the kitchen cabinet. Also, people like better to use concealing the LED strips within the cabinet frame, to offer a glowing ambience.

Open-shelf cabinets: Swapping out some upper cabinets for open shelving and floating shelves is gaining popularity within the cabinet design. Minimum upper cabinets also frees up space to display wall art thus giving a singular personal touch. At least one wall is without overhead storage because it lightens the kitchen and one can add some open shelves for colourful coffee mugs, kettle, fancy framed posters and small potted plants to add a perfect green vibe. Fewer cabinets on the upper level streamline the design of the kitchen giving it open, airy and uncluttered look.

Kitchen storage cabinet trends in 2021

Cabinets with more storage are popular: thanks to the travel and lockdown restrictions during the pandemic, people now like better to keep their kitchens well stocked. Home owners have learnt to stay an organised pantry, to cook meals reception easily. Cabinets are now being designed for max space for storing for groceries. Pull-outs with a lot of shelves or wall cabinets like larder or pantry to keep dry ration, snacks, sauces, pickles, chips etc., are now popular

Easy to wash and antibacterial laminates: The pandemic has also made one realise the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. So, home owners are choosing cabinets that are easy to wash. Maintenance-free surfaces, like stone, glass and laminates that are easy to wash are hip, as compared to plain wood kitchen cabinets. Low-maintenance surfaces which will help make homes healthier are nonporous surfaces and people with less germ-trapping detailing. New laminates which are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and can be disinfected are bound to be more popular for cabinets.

Incorporating technology in kitchen design

As kitchens evolve, technology is more embedded in it. There also are a huge range of smart gadgets that easily integrate within the kitchen décor. Technology is being used in most functions and appliances, from lights to ovens to simple touch-closing cabinets. Smart lighting below the cupboard is additionally in trend for an eclectic look. Specialised appliances like air fryers and juicers are trending. With families baking, cooking, experimenting and sharing recipes online, there's a requirement for space for a tablet, laptop or virtual assistant in one’s kitchen. To enable this, kitchen cabinets nowadays have many charging ports or docking stations for such devices.

Popular kitchen cabinet colours

Earlier, kitchen cabinets were largely simple brown in colour but today’s, modular kitchen cabinets are being wrapped in dual tones or have a pop of colors . A touch of white always makes a kitchen look larger .White combined with either sunny yellow, fresh green or nautical blue is in fashion. To enliven or brighten up the cabinets, they are being accentuated using bright or dark jewel tones such as black, navy, emerald green and even plum coloured cabinets.

Tips to keep in mind when designing kitchen cabinets

  • For visually pleasing and harmonious décor, keep the kitchen cabinet’s color mind, when selecting tiles, wall paint, the counter top, flooring and appliances.

  • Select materials that are durable and immune to water damage.

  • Choose quality hardware that goes well with the design and colours.

  • There is an opportunity that the cupboard door hinges below the sink area may get wet. Hence, choose chrome steel hinges within the lower cabinets.

  • Tasks lights under hanging cabinets are also needed, apart from the main lighting.

  • Avoid too many cabinets in dark colours, because it can make the space look claustrophobic.

  • Ventilation and safety concerns should be kept in mind while planning cabinets. The kitchen must have windows and be airy and have enough light.

  • The cabinets’ positioning must assist you utilise the space well. Use the upper cabinets for storing smaller and lighter items, like dinner sets, glassware, spices, etc. The lower cabinets are ideal for storing heavier items.

  • Opt for child locks in the lower kitchen cabinets if one has kids at home.

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