Pooja Room Designs That Help Create Pockets of Serenity in Your Home

An Indian household is incomplete without a pooja room. It’s also the one corner in our home that is still unchanged for many years. Today, let’s try creating a peaceful, relaxing prayer space that’ll never dissolve of favor. Here are few pooja room designs to undertake out.

Make space for the essentials

We believe different deities and have other ways of praying. While some just need a cushion or a mat to meditate, others prefer to chant verses from Holy Scriptures, light diyas or incense or ring the bell. Be it your bells or books, ensure your pooja unit comes with enough drawers and shelf space to hold the things you pray with regularly.

  • Vastu compliance

A vastu-perfect home creates a serene haven by bringing in positive vibes to the space. Accordingly, north-east, east and north are considered ideal for pooja room designs. However, avoid the south direction because it is considered inauspicious. Vastu shastra also recommends having a two-door entry and low ceilings in your pooja room.

  • Utility of Space in Pooja Rooms

Just like with the other a part of home interiors, a pooja room design also depends totally on the available space in your home also because the style or mood you would like the planning to invoke.

  • A small room

Traditionally, alittle room within the house was dedicated because the pooja room. You’ll be able to create a tranquil home temple for yourself with an ornate door complete with intricate lotus motifs and little brass bells.

Place the idol (if any) on a pedestal within the centre of the space with a jaali backdrop. For added drama, use a soft, golden backlight to make a halo effect round the idol.

  • Display Cabinets and Cupboards

With modern apartment living, a separate prayer room isn't feasible in every home. Instead, transform a display shelf or a crockery cabinet into a bespoke pooja unit. The low shelf height in these units might not suit large idols. You’ll err on the safer side with smaller idols and pictures. For a much personalised prayer space, trust the simplest home interior designers to custom-design a pooja mandir in India for you.

  • Floating Ledge and Shelves

In a minimalistic home, your pooja unit just needs a couple of floating shelves, alittle idol and a few of oil lamps or incense sticks. To stay your pooja essentials neatly tucked away and out of sight, choose floating shelves with a pull-out drawer. Some interior decorators in India bring a recent flair to pooja room designs by putting up modern, divine artwork over the shelves.

  • Niches and Nooks

Modern furniture allows you to rework any nook or wall niche into breathtaking pockets of serenity. An easy three-tier zigzag corner shelf adds pizzazz to your home design while providing you with just the correct amount of space for an idol and a couple of other prayer knick-knacks.

We hope this inspired you to redo your pooja room. For more design inspiration for your pooja mandir.

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