How to sell a home safely during the COVID-19 crisis?

Until the lockdown is over, there's little scope for buyers stepping out of their homes, for site visits or inspection. With many districts declared as containment zones and strict surveillance everywhere, social distancing is that the only option. So, how do you sell a home in this scenario?

While most of the buyers and investors are keen on holding back their investment, at an equivalent time builders are offering refundable booking deposits and other bargains. To lure these fence-sitters, sellers should have an entire plan and an inventory of steps to be taken, to make sure a hassle-free experience for the buyers.

Prepare virtual tours

As the lockdown was announced with none prior notice, you'll not have a ready Digi-tour of the unit. In this scenario, you can ask the builder to provide the necessary materials, including the brochure and images of the sample apartment if it is an under-construction project, or photos of the particular apartment if it's a ready project. You can also keep 3D floor plans handy, to elucidate the layout to your buyer.

If you're pitching a resale unit, the owner may have some pictures. You can also ask the owner to join the call and help the buyer to take a positive decision.

To do all this, make sure that you've got a stable internet connection and a professional-looking background, to conduct the meetings.

Discuss about the location and neighbourhood

Another thing that you simply should keep handy, is information about the locality. To explain the nitty-gritties of the neighbourhood, you'll also use Google Earth and Google Maps. This will help the customer to know the precise location of the project and what lies nearby.

You can also look for locality videos on the web to justify how property prices may move, within the next few years. If you recognize anybody who lives within the same neighbourhood, you'll ask them for help and obtain to understand a couple of locational advantages. If you recognize an existing buyer, try getting a brief video from them, explaining how they feel about investment within the project/locality.

Negotiation and final discussion over property price

As the buyer are going to be trying to find discounts, you'll include someone from the developer’s team and allow them to do the negotiation. While you moderate the discussion, make sure that the deal doesn't go awry, due to minor cost differences. Explain the advantages of investing immediately and the way prices may increase, once things revisit to normal. With everyone looking for cost benefits, the buyer will look to you, for a beneficial deal.

Keep the sale agreement documents ready

While the physical verification of the documents is not possible right now, you can scan the essential documents and send it across to the buyer for scrutiny. You can also ask the customer, if they need to involve a lawyer through video conferencing. Always include a representative from the developer’s company, in order that any query raised regarding the legality of the project are often easily sorted out. Once this is often done, you'll have another meeting with the customer, where you involve the house loan agent for processing their application. Meanwhile, you can also ask for the token money from the investor.

Once the token money is received and realised by the developer’s company, you can send a confirmation about the same to your investor, from your official ID and clearly mention the terms and conditions of any refund, if possible and other details you have discussed in the earlier stages.

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