Highlights of prestige city that define it as a preferred place to live in Sarjapur road, Bangalore

The trendy city plan has gained an excessive amount of speed within the previous couple of years, facilitating the development of world-class amenities in nearby residences. Such city plans in our country have observed tons of developments on projects and most of them have come up with trendy city technologies. The Prestige City, the important estate project follows such an idea and has a lot of features that one may look to satisfy that they're investing in genuine projects. The most concerning aspect for homebuyers is the reputation of a developer, construction quality, etc. Now, they are also concerned about the technologies that go into making it a trendy city project.

As urbanization leads to several issues like impact on the environment, climate change, etc. The most required thing in a project is the ability to create a supportable environment through technology-driven solutions. Some of the highest technological features of The Prestige City, Sarjapur Road are:

  • Central Command Centre -The Central Command Centre is considered to be the brain developing. It will coordinate and monitor all the workings like water management system, smart electric grid, distribution of cooking gas through the gas pipeline, security management, and lots of more.

  • Smart Electric Grid - The smart electric grid at The Prestige City will accelerate variety of benefits for the management and also for people living there. Smart electric grid ensures smart metering i.e. residents will get one hundred pc metered electricity supply and that they need to pay as per their use.

Along with this there are several other features like electricity consumption will be managed over the web, usage data are stored in the cloud, electrical faults are corrected immediately, prevents accidental fires, etc.

  • Street Light Automation - Street light automation means The Prestige City is lightened exactly at dusk and that they will get turned off automatically at daybreak. This system proves to be very efficient in avoiding any human error and it's the simplest way of saving energy.

  • Street light automation will help within the reduction of any criminal activities, reduce light pollution because it will activate within the dark hours, facilitate early detection of failures, etc.

  • Traffic system - The traffic system within the Prestige City will lookout that residents won't be forced to waste their time in traffic jams. It will make sure the easy flow of traffic, uses the signals that employment consistent with the real-time traffic conditions, offers parking help in peak hours, and in particular, provides real-time traffic updates to residents.

Need not think anymore! Avail of this attractive opportunity of living in the most preferred location of The Prestige City, Sarjapur Road.

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