One should realize the importance of preparing for a certain future. Decisions like investing in the property market are now crucial than ever as you are providing for your entire family during situations that can turn doubtful. Residents who were content staying as mere tenants are now transitioning to becoming first-time property aspirants which is commendable. L&T Centrona by L&T properties is a unique project which is strategically located at Ghatkopar East in Mumbai. The project comprises of structures which complement architectural marvels that are sure to provide stunning views of landscaped gardens scattered around the project. Ghatkopar, over the years has benefited from immense social infrastructure development which has given rise to astonishing residential projects which has paved the way for property developers for their respective endeavors.

With RERA into picture, residents are on an all-time high

With the introduction of regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms set forward by the government of India, the demand for affordable home has increased significantly. This has forced property developers to revise their marketing strategies to match the demand and release their excess inventory. Another thing to be noticed is that these rules put forward by RERA should be strictly adhered to without compromising on the quality of the product or service offering. Generally, before such rules where implemented, property aspirants used to approach real estate brokers and small-town developers for their investment needs. This led to confusion as these brokers were fairly new to the market. Hence, the expectations set by such organizations were often not met and the booking amount paid by respective customers were never returned or no penalties were paid if there was any delay in the project. L&T Centrona Ghatkopar East has considered every aspect and have made sure that residents who partner with them for their respective residential requirements are provided with what is promised. Every resident should be given equal opportunity and should be given every detailed information about the project and periodic updates about property development from the conceptualization phase until completion. This becomes handy as it establishes long-lasting relationships with key clients for future business prospects. Times have changed now. As rules introduced by RERA are available online for residents who are interested, property developers have no change of getting away with any discrepancy what so ever. Furthermore, residents are making sure that fraudulent real estate developers get what they deserve if they notice any unlawful practices in the forefront.

Property developers on high alert as investors try to get to legal grounds

With the introduction of rules pertaining to property construction and delivery, real estate developers are now seizing on every legal opportunity to make sure developers face legal obligations if they fail on delivering of the project. Traditionally, this wasn’t the case as residents weren’t involved in the legality of things. However, with an in-depth knowledge about the property sector, developers are now on high alert as there is no room for error when it comes to setting expectations and delivering on them. Residents are making the most of the opportunity and are acting on legal grounds, approaching courts to make certain that justice is served.

No scope for quality and service delivery compromise

Laws by RERA clearly states that customers should be provided with every legal information ranging from property ownership details to the final completion of the project. Everything should be on paper and should be strictly followed so property developers do not face any unnecessary consequences. These can range from heavy fines to even imprisonment which isn’t healthy for the real estate market. What this does is that it sets a sense of negative perception in the minds of potential investors who look forward for putting their hard-earned money to work. There are instances where customers who book units and pay huge amounts would have to wait for far more than 6 years until they finally possess the unit. Residents have taken drastic measures as practices like this cannot be tolerated. L&T Centrona Apartment has taken measures to follow every rule with utmost dedication and conviction so they don’t fall out on an productive measures for effective property construction.

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