10 Mistakes that residents need to avoid before investing in a Residential Property

Delhi has attracted residents from all background and income levels. Realtors have now seized on to opportunities and have captured target markets for their respective projects. Godrej Ashok Vihar by Godrej properties is one such project that is strategically located to perfection at Bhalswa in Delhi. Residents are now gradually but surely transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. With high-rise buildings within the premises, residents can enjoy scenic views of landscaped gardens scattered around the project. Property investment decisions are long-term in nature. Residents should be sure not to rush into such crucial decisions as that might lead them to deal with risky situations in the future. Aspects like amenities, floor plans, project location and structural specifications play a very vital role in making crucial decisions. Residents should be careful in considering these aspects while planning on a property investment. In order to establish long-standing relationships with customers, Godrej Ashok Vihar encourages residents to come to the site for periodic visits to understand overall property development and to have a real-time experience of the amenities and floor plans available at the site. Godrej Ashok Vihar has worked and partnered with renowned architects and engineers so residents coming to the site can have expert advice to plan their decisions better. Rest assured, residents who are willing to associate themselves with Godrej Ashok Vihar are in for a smooth ride towards a profitable future.

Things to avoid to invest better and smarter

It is often suggested that residents work with established realtors as opposed to budding property developers for effective real estate investments. However, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind to avoid getting into risky situations. Let us now look and analyze some of the key factors that would help individual customers to decide better.

Rushing up with your decisions

Residents should make sure they don’t hurry and make decisions. Any decision which is not thought about aren’t as affective as decisions that are analyzed and studied in advance. Residents should keep in mind that they consult with multiple resources, travel to the site location, look at the overall surrounding property developments and carefully investigate the benefits the location of the project has to offer.

Be sure to grab on to all legal documents

Everything needs to be documented. Residents should make sure completely transparency is maintained as far as legal documents are concerned. The builder should make it a point to share all legal documents with customers. Failure to so can end up fraudulent. Residents should be smart enough to read and go through every document that is provided and the agreement that is set by the realtor so they are not cheated.

Research while you can

Blindly investing in real estate properties can turn out harmful. Be it the amenities at the project or the location preferences raised by residents, everything has to be researched in great detail. History about the builder, land owner details, structural designs and building type are crucial for effective property investments.

Do not underestimate minute contract details

Real estate investment is a tedious process. Going through legal documents can be tiring at times. In order to fast-track the investment process, residents often neglect certain contractual parameters so they move into their dream home that quickly. However, forgetting these minute details can end up dangerous. In order to get to profitable investments, residents should take all the time that they have by researching through diverse aspects set by the builder.

Make up your mind and trust yourself first

This is a mistake made generally by first-time home owners. Residents often trust others who advise them on property investments. This makes no sense as priorities are different and varies from person-to-person. It becomes necessary that residents undergo a thorough search on the property by consulting with professionals that gives them alternatives to choose from.

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